Auto Window Tinting

Experience, Quality & Warranty
We use lifetime warranted window tinting films and have over 30 years of experience in both automotive and commercial window tinting. You can rest assure knowing when you have window tinting completed by VanHorn Tint & Accessories, you will receive quality workmanship with a lifetime warranty, against installation or manufacturing defects, to back it up!

Not Sure What Percentage of Tint You Want?

The chart below will show you examples of the differences in darkness at specific percentages. The most popular tint selected is the 15%. VanHorn Tint & Accessories will happily assist you in making the correct choice.
Scorpion Window Film
When making a tint selection, please understand the tint laws in your area (click here to view chart).
Window Tinting Percentage Guide
Window Tint Scale
Advantages of Window Tinting
Window Tinting Advantages

Window Tinting Pricing

All prices include lifetime warranty. Pricing does not include removal of old film, additional fee will be charged.
Single Cab Truck - $200.00
Extended Cab Truck - $ 225.00
4 Door Truck - $250.00
2 Door Car - $225.00
4 Door Car - $250.00
Station Wagon / Crossover - $275.00
Mini Van (all over) - $300.00
Full Size Van - $325.00
SUV (all windows) - $325.00
Driver & Passenger Doors - $125.00
Eyebrow (sunstrip) - $40.00 w/ Vehicle Tint
Eyebrow (sunstrip) - $50.00 w/o Vehicle Tint
Single Window - $75.00
Rear Window - $125.00
Full Windshield - $200.00
Commercial & Residential - $8.00 per sqft.
Prices effective as of May 10, 2021
Additional fee(s) may apply to some vehicle's that have extra windows

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Looking to get your business or home windows tinted? We can help! No tint job is too small or too big. Our experienced staff have tinted windows for a single story residential home, all the way up to a multiple story business location. Some of the benefits of tinting your windows include:
Minimizes Glare
Reduced Cooling Cost
Reduced UV Rays Entering Your Home or Business

Why VanHorn Tint & Accessories?

We strive for excellence and put our customers first. With more than 30 years of experience and having handled thousands of vehicles, you can rest assure knowing you will receive the best service in the industry.
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